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Red Queen - Victoria Aveyard - (Not Really Spoilers But You Can Never Be Too Careful)

Red Queen - Victoria Aveyard

Red Queen is a book about the divide between two groups of people based on an uncontrollable physical attribute. There are the reds, the poor who live in slums, know what real work feels like (those that can get work) and in every way viewed as inferior. Then there are the silvers, the rich and the powerful, the nobles and a group of people who view themselves as superior in every way.


This book has a great plot in the sense that yes, certain events within the book were easily predicted to happen, but in saying that the how they happened was sometimes unexpected. It was a book that while it almost feels the same as every other YA dystopian book such as that of the hunger games and divergent in the sense of divided groups of people and those that are in charge don't look out for those below them, yet the story itself, being told from the inside rather than the angsty teen looking at the ones in charge with a fiery hatred.


The first word that comes to mind when describing the main character of this book, a seventeen-year-old red called Mare Barrow, is naive. She was easily manipulated and never seemed to learn her lesson on whom to trust. Although she was so angry at the silvers she was also so quick to trust them and then surprised each time she was betrayed by someone she was so quick to trust. She constantly states that she needs to be vigilant and be careful, watch her own back as well as the backs of her family and friends that she left behind, yet she is surprised each time she gets burned either by silver or by a red. (This is the sole reason for the half a star being knocked off for me.)


Although it may not seem that way based on how i describe my issues with the main character, I thoroughly enjoyed this book as it was refreshing to read a book where although I was aware that certain events were bound to happen, I found myself surprised at how they happened, all the while enjoying the writing style that Victoria Aveyard presents to us.