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The Life Beyond

The Life Beyond - Susanne Winnacker Original Review:

Fantastic book. As good as the first one in my opinion!

New Review:

I've been looking at this book on my read shelf for a while now and looking at the fact that i had said that it was a 'fantastic book' yet i had only given it 3 out of 5 stars makes me think that I may have really wanted to like the book because I absolutely loved the first one, but i may not have thought as highly of this one.

Looking back the book felt weird compared to the first one with the different atmosphere and it felt slightly forced because it was in such high demand for a sequel that I cant help but feel as though there was something missing and that the characters were portrayed differently.

It was a good conclusion however as it wrapped up the story line and gave the characters the send off they rightfully deserved but for me the first book was the one that caught my attention and kept me on the edge of my seat throughout whereas the sequel was just there to sum it all up.