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Crossed  - Ally Condie I loved the first book in this series even though it did give me a feel of a lot of other dystopian books that I have read but with Crossed I couldn't help but feel as though a lot of this was almost like a filler book. A 367 paged filler book at that leading up to reached.

A lot of this book was about how Cassia and Ky would vow to see each other again, but in my opinion Ky became annoying with what felt like every second sentence being about how everything made him think of Cassia and how much he loved her and couldn't wait to see him again and visa versa.

I'm not saying that this book was bad by any means as through the duration of the book we were introduced to new characters and given more insight into the origin/background of Ky and his parents but even still I feel as though the book dragged on so to speak and could have had some slightly less necessary parts shortened and replaced with more of the end result.

However everyone is entitled to their own opinion of it and so I would not say to not read this book just because personally I felt it lacked somethings and had too much of others. Overall with both Matched and Crossed I have found that it is not a bad series and wait to read Reached.